The Wall of Light (2002)

A collaboration with Adrian Baynes and Paul Hudson.
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Won in open competition commissioned by Arrowcroft Plc, this wall relief in the centre of Coventry is over 60 metres long & comprises of a series of steel panels with over 160,000 glass marbles.

Most of the panels are back-lit by cold cathode, triggered by movement sensors. The end panel houses a 9 x 1.2m LED unit which displays text messages in 1m high letters.

This is probably the only place in the world that allows people to text anything they want in the public domain.

Winner of Coventry Design Award.
Shortlisted for Oxo Peugeot Design Awards.

Front elevation

3 of 6 motion flourescent panels

The Wall is split into seven large panels that span the 60m length.

Detail of curved corner

Detail of fluorescent panel #3

It is constructed from 160,000 marbles sandwiched between two sheets of steel which give the wall a tactile and intricate surface.

Elevation 02

Detail #2

Behind the sheets are 60 coloured neon tubes that switch on when it gets dark.
The tubes are connected to motion sensors which are turned on for a short period of time when someone walks past.

Front elevation

led panel (text number animation)

One of the seven panels has an LED screen set behind the marbles. This is linked to a system which allows people to send text messages to the screen via their mobile phone. The messages instantly scroll across the panel and are then added to a playlist that replays the messages the following day. Adding this functionality has lifted the project from being a purely decorative piece and has proved extremely popular.